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The Knowledge Exchange produces a number of information and intelligence products which provide customers across the UK with the most complete and accessible source of evidence and research for the public sector in the UK.

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The Idox Information Service

Our core product is The Information Service, a database containing over 40 years of information and knowledge on public and social policy and practice.

Scottish Planning & Enviromental Law

A bi-monthly journal covering all aspects of planning and environmental law in Scotland.  It is one of the leading information sources on land use planning and environmental legislation across the country.


PLANEX is a one-stop-shop bibliographic database for those researching or studying social or public policy and practice. It is available to universities via JISC Collections on either a one-year or three-year license agreement.

Social Policy and Practice

Social Policy and Practice (SPP) is a comprehensive bibliographic database for those working or studying in the health and social care sectors.

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