Research collaboration and dissemination

Modern research, whether it is academic, organisational or individual is increasingly complex and demands a wide range of skills.  Effective collaboration maximises the range of skills available for a project. Knowledge can be tacit and will remain so until research is published, collaboration can enhance knowledge transfer, it can be a source of stimulation and creativity, and enables cross fertilisation of ideas to generate new perspectives. Our role is to enable this, through partnership development, project co-ordination, relationship management, event co-ordination and effective technology solutions.

We can help researchers and practitioners:

  • Keep in touch with likeminded researchers
  • Challenge their work through collaboration
  • Extend a researchers network
  • Provide enhanced communication and dissemination of findings
  • Provide technology platforms for collaboration, document sharing and peer review
  • Provide bid and project management consultancy
  • Manage stakeholders
  • Collate performance management information
  • Take findings to market through product support and development
  • Provide evidence on impact or research on policy, practice and strategy

Project examples

Marine Alliance for Science and Technology Scotland – University of St Andrews

The project:
A community website for the marine research group across Scotland and a complete resource audit across 9 universities and research institutes.

Our role:
Provision of all the primary research services, interviews, site visits and online collation of data to produce a searchable map of academics, resources and equipment. We also developed and designed the main community site, including security and registration, events, newsletters, collaboration and document management.

Research into the establishment of a ‘Community of Practice’ - Eurofound

The project:
This research explored the potential of implementing a community of practice across Eurofound research suppliers, to improve best practice, quality and outputs of suppliers and rebuild the sense of community across the network.

Our role:
Research through online surveys, face to face interviews and structured workshops across all EU Member States and suppliers.  Our final report covered the findings, made recommendations on how to implement the community of practice and established governance and how technology can add value.

Evaluations Online – Scottish Enterprise

The project:
A publicly accessible collection of evaluation and research reports from Scottish Enterprise, covering all aspects of Scottish Enterprise’s economic development activities.

Our role:
Development of an online library to hold the reports including development of taxonomies, search methodologies and browse techniques. We also delivered the content management of the system summarising, classifying and publishing material.