Intelligence services

Our work is independent, robust and based on the knowledge gained from our 40 years’ experience of delivering information and insight to our clients we provide insight into the trends, policies and behaviours that shape the public sector. Whatever your policy or delivery area our expert information and research team can provide you with the intelligence to help your organisation grow and meet objectives.

Our approach to intelligence is based on refining and analysing information so that it is useful for policy makers when making decisions specifically about service and policy design and practitioners in sharing knowledge and best practice.

Our services include:

  • best practice reviews
  • business intelligence and analysis
  • researcher helpdesk and real time responses
  • survey research
  • data analysis
  • expert briefings
  • literature reviews
  • off the shelf benchmarking
  • bespoke primary and secondary research

Project examples

Intelligence e-briefing and Online Archive – UK Commission for Employment and Skills

This site provided access to employment and skills research and policy information, through briefings and reclassifying and management of existing content. This involved the creation of new taxonomies and a thesaurus to manage the wealth of content and the production of a monthly bulletin for practitioners, researchers and policy makers.