Managed services

The Knowledge Exchange is also available as a fully outsourced service which provides the following benefits for client organisations:

  • Better decisions based on better evidence with access to the most complete and accessible source of public sector knowledge.
  • Substantial cost savings by outsourcing or sharing frontline information services with other key stakeholders and partners.
  • Collaboration and integration of services which are key elements of Public Service Reform.
  • An outsourced information service implemented effectively can enable your organisation and partners to sustain key information services and embed continuous improvement leading to real efficiency and effectiveness benefits.

In April 2012, Idox launched an online platform for the GLA following an internal review of the GLA’s existing library function which had become too expensive to maintain a service of such scope. As well as achieving a cost saving of £500,000 over a 5-year period, outsourcing also provided the GLA with the opportunity to share the service with functional bodies including the police and fire and Rescue authorities as well as all 33 London Borough councils.

Read more about the GLA outsourced library service or watch our video to learn how the GLA outsourced its library services to Idox.