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“I did not have much experience with websites but the reports Idox produced and the project management really helped to make things clear and give us a good understanding of the process. The Glasgow team from launch to present day have been very helpful and proactive when in contact with any of the staff, they have excelled at delivering timely responses to a wide range of enquiries”.

Alexia Pipe, Information Services Contract Manager, Greater London Authority



"Idox provides an excellent service, always producing useful results very quickly. At a time when staff are in scarce supply, the Idox service saves me significant staff time."

Jason Lowther, Director of Strategy, Birmingham City Council



“We needed to set up a high quality web portal that would be sufficiently easy to use so that policy makers and highly pressed civil servants would be able to access the information they needed in a short space of time with minimum fuss. The project met these aims and objectives by providing the information, liaising with Idox on content, design and functionality and then road testing the portal at a series of workshops. We are pleased with the overall traffic so far and we will continue to promote the web portal including at an upcoming meeting at the European Parliament”.

Prof Mike Bruford, Cardiff University




"As a regeneration practitioner I find Idox a valuable service for those of us who find it difficult to fit in time for the reading which is so necessary for continuous professional development. The weekly summaries that I've set up allow me to keep up with best practice as well as giving me precious insight into thinking within academia. In less than an hour I can gain the knowledge which would otherwise take me a day or more to acquire."

Regeneration Executive, Scottish Local Authority

“We wanted a new commercial platform built that would cater for B2B customers and yet also be flexible and appeal to the general public, we received great feedback from test subjects. A great looking site that should be of benefit for many years, easy to use site from both a sales and purchasing standpoint.”

Jason Stoyel, Account Manager, CO2Sense



“The Idox team were great to work with.  They provided a good bid with innovative ideas that matched our requirements and worked to a relatively tight timescale with the team to produce the product we needed. They were very flexible with our thoughts on how the site should/could run and kept the Commission up to date with progress and delivered a great product on time.”

Alison Hosie, Scottish Human Rights Commission



"We find the IDOX service to be an excellent and timely source of essential policy-related and ‘grey’ literature, keeping you abreast of current developments and debates.”

Tony Gore, Principal Research Fellow, Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research, Sheffield Hallam University



“SDS subscribes to the Idox Information Service to ensure we have immediate access to all the latest research and analysis from the widest range of sources.  The service is professional, comprehensive and efficient. ”

Dr Patrick Watt, Lead Head of Evaluation & Research, Skills Development Scotland



“Here at Riverside, staff use Idox to help supplement briefings and other research produced across a number of topics. It’s a cost-effective and reliable source for people wanting to research in the housing sector.

The tailored service provided by the research officers is an added bonus, which we’ve used with success in the past and the response is always speedy and comprehensive."

Kirstine Stewart, Corporate Strategy Officer, Riverside