Technology services and tools

We base our approach to technology development on the importance of intelligence as a process through which we identify, collect, analyse and manage information. We see our clients as intelligence organisations, and our role is to help refine, shape and define their information for the benefit for decision makers.

Our systems support processes and operational activities and also provide tools to manage information, research and knowledge to monitor organisational performance. We are experienced in systems for the public sector which actively engage stakeholders and service users and enhance service delivery.

Our services include:

  • data quality and manipulation
  • data and process standardisation
  • data cleansing, migration and conversion
  • data compatibility
  • data and content creation
  • dashboards and scorecards
  • project management (Prince2 and Agile)
  • best practice implementation
  • user analysis and testing

Project examples

UK Wood Info – Confor

A single source of information and statistics on the UK Forest Industries, intended to increase awareness and enhance perception of the sector and interpret statistical information for a business audience. We developed an interactive front end and back end management tool, that allows statistics, tables and documents to be added and tagged incorporating online mapping tools. We provided consultancy on the data structure and management reporting structure and design of the system as well as delivery of all the technical development.

Datagenerator – Creative and Cultural Skills

This site is aimed at providing an interactive dashboard of data, research and statistics on the creative and cultural sector. We provided data mapping, data management, web development and report creation, data searching and customisable graphs on the fly to inform sector planning.